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ANGACOM, DOCSIS 3.1, PNM, Wifi and Next Generation TV review – Episode 13

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Next Generation TV, ANGACOM, DOCSIS 3.1, PNM and review

Episode 13 Hosted by Brady Volpe was joined by John Downey discussing Next Generation TV, smart TV, OFDM, WiFi issues in the home and how they impact the cable operator, operational changes requires to be proactive and not reactive in the cable plant, DOCSIS 3.1 & other cable topics from plus many other topics including PNM (Proactive Network Maintenance) and answering several questions from followers.

  • ANGACOM was really quite big this year with over 20k attendees, consisting of 4k vendors and 17k operator attendees
  • This is a very big show which is really very similar to the SCTE Expo, but focused on the European market
  • Daniel Howard moderator general session
  • Discussed SCTE’s new ISBE - International Society of Broadband Experts
  • To bring together European & American operational professionals around the world
  • Also discussed during general session was focus on need by European operators for emphasis of quality on end-to-end operations - they can no longer wait for customers to be call them for issues.
  • Must get out of reactive mode and become proactive
  • European operators see next generation consumption migrating to all IP with no TVs and everything being smart TVs and Internet based
  • They indicated that Wifi is currently the biggest driver of CSR related calls
  • As to be expected, the show floor had a heavy focus on DOCSIS 3.1 demos and equipment - though availability was limited
  • Brady Volpe participated on the first Proactive Maintenance panel for Anga
  • This was the first year at Anga and in Europe that PNM is gaining a lot of interest and traction

More technical discussion….

  • Why do we need to have modem transmit powers between 40-50 dBmV?
  • Where is the proper placement of upstream attenuators to get modem upstream transmit powers between 40-50 dBmV?
  • Are their any issues with using return attenuators?
  • Prepping the plant for DOCSIS 3.1.


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