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Nimble This supported by the Volpe Firm team up with ZCorum

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Nimble This supported by the Volpe Firm team up with ZCorum to offer a new way for cable operators to find and address network and in-home issues before they impact subscribers. 

San Juan, PR January 27, 2014 — At the CCTA show today, ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics software, and Nimble This, the leading developer of commercial PNM solutions for the cable industry, announced the launch of a new product that helps cable providers leverage the benefits of DOCSIS pre-equalization, while making use of that data to proactively identify impairments that normally would not be seen until customers are adversely affected.

Pre-Equalization is a feature in the DOCSIS standard that allows cable modems to adjust their signals to compensate for upstream impairments in the cable plant, such as micro-reflections caused by corroded coax connectors. One line of code in the CMTS turns on the feature, immediately improving the upstream signal levels received by the CMTS, which means an immediate improvement in the service experience for the subscriber.

ZCorum’s product, Pre-Equalization Analyzer, uses technology from Nimble This to analyze the pre-equalization data from the cable modems in order to identify upstream impairments, the precise location of the impairment and  the severity of the impairment. This allows operators to more effectively maintain their HFC networks by knowing where and when to dispatch resources, while benefiting from the improved signal quality inherent in DOCSIS Pre-equalization. “Operators have a powerful new tool in their toolbox!,” said Volpe. “They can turn on pre-equalization, and then use Pre-Equalization Analyzer to leverage that data to actually show them what issues need to be addressed.”

Volpe, is a member of the of CableLabs InGeNeOs™ group that is focusing on proactive network maintenance (PNM) development, and is involved with the organization in continued development PNM technologies for DOCSIS 3.1 . “I’m excited to be working with ZCorum on bringing this product to market. I like their TruVizion software, and Pre-Equalization Analyzer is the perfect compliment for that tool. It’s a game changer for the industry and the way that operators will maintain and manage their networks moving forward.”

ZCorum President and CEO, Julie Compann, is also pleased with the partnership. “We’ve had a great working relationship with Brady for some time now, and are thrilled to be working with him on this new product. It’s a perfect fit for our mission, which is to help cable operators improve their broadband service through increased efficiency, lower costs, and a better experience for the subscriber.”

About ZCorum
ZCorum provides broadband Internet and communication solutions to telcos, cable companies, utilities, and municipalities, assisting in all facets of broadband implementation, integration, engineering and consulting, network monitoring bandwidth management and diagnostics. ZCorum also offers data and VoIP provisioning, email, Web hosting, and 24×7 support for end-users, enabling service providers to compete effectively in their local rural and suburban markets. ZCorum is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. For more information, please visit http://www.ZCorum.com.

About Nimble This
Nimble This LLC is the leading developer of commercial proactive network maintenance (PNM) solutions for cable operators world wide.  As a contributing member to the CableLab’s InGeNeOs working group focused on PNM technologies, Nimble This is focused on bringing the latest advances in network monitoring solutions using advanced algorithms powered by CableLabs InGeNeOs collaborations and optimized by Nimble This.  We help cable operators make money by saving money.  Nimble This is headquartered in Johns Creek, GA.  For more information see: nimble-this.com

Mia Colabrese

Mia Colabrese has over 20 years of Cable TV Broadband experience. Focused in telecommunications product development and marketing. She is a graduate from Penn State University.


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