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OpenDNS | Security at the Network Level

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With a lot of adult content and other nefarious sites all over cyber space, it is paramount to protect your family from as appropriate. This can be done by filtering content coming into your computer. There are fundamentally two ways to successfully block adult and other malicious contents from gaining entry into your computer and your home.

The first is by installing software designed to block such contents from your PC. The second way can be done at the network level. This later method does not involve the installation of software on your computer, which might slow down the performance of your system. This is usually the most preferred way of filtering your computer contents, and openDNS belongs to this category.

So, what is the meaning of the acronym DNS. DNS stands for domain name service. OpenDNS operates in such a way that when you type in a URL address in your browser, it gives you the IP address of the website you want to visit and connects to it. For you to successfully connect to any website, your computer DNS must connect with DNS of the website.

Metaphorically, DNS is like a listing service for URLs. When you input a particular website address into your computer, the DNS will provide you with the IP address of the website. This step is essential for your computer to successfully connect to the website. Without getting this step right, your computer cannot access the contents of the website. All computers accessing the Internet has a DNS attached to it. This enables other computers to find it among the billions of computers that traverse the cyberspace.

How OpenDNS Works

OpenDNS works like the DNS already available on your computer. It, however, has some features that differentiate it from the DNS on your computer. OpenDNS can filter the contents coming into your computer from the cyberspace unlike the DNS on your computer. This is essential to prevent accidental exposure to inappropriate contents.

All that is required to activate this feature is to tick the appropriate boxes on the list of websites to block. When you are trying to access a blocked website on your computer, you will be taken to a page that informs you of the unavailability of the website, because it has been blocked. The OpenDNS cannot block your DNS from successfully connecting to the DNS server hosting the website.

The beauty of OpenDNS web filtering system is that it is done on a network level. Most homes have more than one computer that is connected to the web via routers. When OpenDNS is in place, it affects all the computers using the network. Even if a new computer is added to the network, it will also be managed by openDNS. OpenDNS web filtering service is available at OpenDNS.com. You can create an account on this website and start the process of deciding the content you want to view on the web.

Why You Need OpenDNS

With adult contents and other malicious materials flying all over the cyberspace, it is important to have a filtering mechanism like OpenDNS in place to regulate your web content. This is, especially, important in a home full of kids. It protects your kids from the evils of the web.  OpenDNS is great for the home user.  OpenDNS Business is also a potential solution for smaller cable operators looking to offer safer surfing solutions for their subscribers.

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