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Comcast Larry Wolcott Get’s His Tech On PNM 3.0 – Advances 2016 & Expectations 2017

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Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)

Comcast Larry Wolcott Discusses PNM

This video and podcast with host Brady Volpe and guests Larry Wolcott and John Downey feature Comcast Larry Wolcott Discusses PNM and Advances in Technology

  • 2016 Advances in PNM Technology
  • What to expect in 2017

Find out the exciting new industry happenings when it comes to PNM (Proactive Network Maintenance). Larry Wolcott of Comcast will be joining Brady and John to PNM. Larry has been heavily involved with PNM via Comcast and a leader in the industry when it comes to championing and understanding the cost benefits of PNM.  Please join the G+HOA September 9th at 2pm Eastern time.




Mia Colabrese

Mia Colabrese has over 20 years of Cable TV Broadband experience. Focused in telecommunications product development and marketing. She is a graduate from Penn State University.


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