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DOCSIS Pre-Equalization

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The Benefits of DOCSIS Pre-Equalization and Proactive Network Maintenance Part I

Episode 1 Hosted by Brady Volpe of The Volpe Firm with guest of John Downey of Cisco.  Part one covers the benefits and limitations of DOCSIS Pre-Equalization and critical features in the CMTS and how they impact Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM).

  • Need answers about DOCSIS Pre-Equilization (Pre-Eq)?
  • Everyone's talking about PNM, but you aren't really sure what it is?
  • What Pre-Equliazation is and how it works on the CMTS side
  • DOCSIS Pre-Equliatzaion effects on CMTS and Cable Modem
  • Cable Modem legacy
  • DOCSIS version(s) overview in Cable Modem
  • Difference between RF taps and Pre-Equlization taps
  • Basics of Pre-EQ

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