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Let The Volpe Firm Support YOUR Product Development Efforts

  • Develop high level hardware and software architecture designs with state-of-the-art technology
  • Simulation of product design practices to increase time-to-market and reduce development costs
  • Improve your Product Development Process using proven Stage Gate and Agile Software methodologies
  • Let us do your Patent Research, write patents and guide you through the patent process
  • Need and Expert Witness? We have the industry credibility to provide these services to you


A solid design begins with a sound architecture based upon market-driven requirements.  The Volpe Firm are experts in developing, modeling and presenting hardware and software architectures.  This is done external to and in collaboration with design teams in order to expedite product development and de-risk complex designs.  Extensive use of numerical design tools such as Matlab and Matlab Simulink are used to develop end-to-end system designs complete with test benches.  Our models are capable of synthesizing C, embedded and HDL code directly from models to be incorporated into the hardware should the client desire.


The Volpe Firm is comfortable working with small and large companies, having an extensive background in waterfall, stage gate and Agile software development practices.  We can help develop processes for your company as well as integrate our consulting resources into your current processes.


Having been awarded patents and worked on numerous others, The Volpe Firm is quite familiar with the patent process.  Let us help you ensure your intellectual property is protected.  We can provide services to draft your patents and guide you to effective patent attorneys.  Further we can be a resource to research previous patented work related to your development to ensure that you are not infringing on someone else's intellectual property, saving you substantial time, legal penalties and potential product stop-ships.

Expert Witnesses

In need of an Expert Witness to help resolve a technology dispute or intellectual property infringement?  The Volpe Firm founder is a recognized industry expert.  Let us help you prepare your case and serve as your Expert Witness to ensure you are properly represented.

Contact the The Volpe Firm and let us support your efforts.