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R-PHY or Remote PHY – Doesn’t Matter How you Say It.  The Hype is Real

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R-PHY or Remote PHY doesn't matter how you say it the HYPE is real

R-PHY or Remote PHY - Doesn't Matter How you Say It.  The Hype is Real

Happy Friday Everyone.  Today is January 19th and this is episode 35 of Get Your Tech On, our show on All Things DOCSIS.  I'm Brady Volpe, Founder of The Volpe Firm and Nimble This a Geek in cable.   With us is, John Downey, “Punxsutawney Phil of cable”.   John is also CMTS Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, welcome John.   Asaf Matatyaou of Harmonics the man in cable who runs at the speed of light.  Asaf is also Vice President of Solutions and Product Management, Cable Edge Business, Harmonic.  And Tal Laufer SyFy fan and recommends starting Harry Potter on book 4.  Tal is also Director of product line management at ARRIS. Today's topic is R-PHY or Remote PHY - Doesn't Matter How you Say It.  The Hype is Real.

Let’s start off the power hour of cable with a question from a listener:

Stuart asks - "What are some of the benefits to moving all-IP to the fiber node with R-PHY other than reduced size in headend, reduced cooling and power needs, and shortening the distance? Does that mean CCAP architectures will have to be evolved to a DAA?"

Other Questions Covered:

  1. Should we do R-PHY or not?
  2. How complex is R-PHY?
  3. What should we watch out for when doing R-PHY?
  4. How do automate R-PHY deployments?

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