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Reduce Ingress and Egress – Simple is Genius

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Splitter with Barrier Technology ingress / egress elimination built in

Reduce Ingress and Egress with a Small Idea

ANGACOM Sometimes Simple is Genius

Walking the trade-show floor sometimes you find simple ideas that goes a long way.  This is what we found in a nifty little splitter that also stops ingress and egress.  It's a smart idea that doesn't cost much more than a regular splitter and also helps reduce ingress and egress.  It's called BarrIER® technology by Teleste.

For use with existing splitters

For use with existing splitters

Cable operators are always fighting network noise especially from within the customers homes.  However, technicians often have limited access to subscriber's homes.  Subscribers hate waiting around for technicians and no one likes to have strangers in their homes even if they are friendly cable techs.  So with that and the migration to higher transmission frequencies with DOCSIS 3.1 and growing capacity issues, for example 16-QAM to 64-QAM or even 1024 and 4096-QAM in the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, the need to control ingress / egress in networks, enhance performance and maintain service reliability is extremely important.

Brady Volpe at Angacom demo on ingress and egress elimination by barrier technology

Arttu Purmonen giving DEMO to Brady Volpe

"BarrIER® technology is an innovative solution for reducing ingress/egress that addresses the complete in-home interconnect domain and solves the problem of maintaining adequate C/N levels. Using BarrIER® will reduce the need for manual maintenance work, greatly reduce operational costs, and incrementally increase service reliability and enhance network performance". -Teleste white paper

I received a demonstration from Arttu Purmonen from Teleste.  How does it work?  Simple really.  When no coax cables are connected to the BarrIER® type splitters the F-connector ports are auto-terminated.  This means no RF ingress into the plant or egress out of the plant.  This is really great to reduce upstream noise.  Now, connect a coax cable to the F connector on the splitter and the pressure from the coax cable itself pushes a small metal or plastic insert just enough to cause the splitter to become un-terminated and act as any standard splitter.  It just so simple I found it to be brilliant.  Its available in Europe from Teleste and in the US as well from Holland Electronics.

To find out more I recommend you read the white paper on Teleste's website.

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