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BTR | Rollouts Continue as DOCSIS 3.0 Matures

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DOCSIS 3.0 Matures

The following article just released by Broadband Technology Report was written by Carl Weinschenk.  A number of us from the industry contributed to Carl's piece, but it is a nice high-level summary article on the status of DOCSIS 3.0.  Below you will find a snippet of the article with a link to the BTR website for the complete read.  Enjoy.

Rollouts Continue as DOCSIS 3.0 Matures

There are just two areas of concern as the rollout of DOCSIS 3.0 continues: the upstream and the downstream.

Observers seem satisfied that the cable industry is doing the best job possible of upgrading its legacy platform. Planners recognize that they must be proactive if they hope to create a level the playing field between their coaxial cable and the telcos’ fiber, so it is not a transition that is happening without keen oversight.

This is not lost on cable industry thinkers, of course. Observers say planners are hard at work on the next steps, which focus on engineering a gradual and non-disruptive switchover to IP networking and bonding downstream and — in a particularly promising innovation — upstream channels.

In the macro-picture, the long-term planning for DOCSIS 3.0 focuses on growing its support for IP-based video. Just as the Internet has evolved in the past couple of years to be a conduit for video, cable operators are working to support multiscreen and over-the-top (OTT) on their broadband networks. It’s not really a matter of choice — it’s what their subscribers are telling them they must do.  <Read the complete article at BTR>

Posted on September 28, 2011 by Carl Weinschenk

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