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Broadband Implementation

We specialize in off-site and advanced network engineering services.  Consulting services for the broadband communications industry with a focus in Digital and RF Design, DOCSIS, data, IP security, EPON, video, and VoIP communications. Further we provide a range of services including specialized DOCSIS 3.0 seminars, high level hardware architecture engineering design and system troubleshooting.

  • DOCSIS and CMTS Architectural Configuration - CMTS configuration parameters that impact revenue services are often difficult to understand - we add clarity
  • VoIP Configuration - Make sure you are providing the best VoIP services to your subscribers and the maximum Erlang capacity
  • Physical and Data Layer Troubleshooting - Often the most time consuming and painful to your subscribers, we understand troubleshooting like no one else
  • DOCSIS BPI+ and IP Security - Today our DOCSIS networks are inherently insecure and many are unaware of this.  They are open to theft of service, illegal intercept of the data transmitted, illegal wiretapping of phone calls, etc.  Even with Baseline Privacy Interface Specification (BPI+) DOCSIS is quite hackable as evidenced on a number of well-known hacking sites
  • We can help you from product selection, RFP's and headend implementation.
  • Capacity Planning- The goal of capacity planning is to identify the amount of resources required to meet service demands now and in the future. It is a proactive discipline with far-reaching impact, supporting:

Supporting Business Decisions

  • Business alignment, helping to show the cost and business need for infrastructure upgrades;
  • Consolidation strategies, ensuring that consolidated system configurations will meet service levels,
  • Green initiatives, facilitating the optimization of power requirements;
  • Purchasing decisions, minimizing costs needed to maximize productivity;
  • Application development, predicting the impact on production systems of new or modified applications;
  • Disaster recovery plans, determining the optimal way to handle workloads after a catastrophe;
  • And more...

The benefits are wide spread, and the effects are game-changing.  This is critical in keeping paying customers online and therefore satisfied.

  • Training / Seminars / Webinars - Let us help you bring your workforce up to speed with our best-in-class training; each class custom tailored for your environment

Broadband ConsultingFor on-site physical integration and general network design services we work closely with Selest Systems.  Selest is a telecommunications and consulting service for communications and network operators – namely, cable and telecommunications carrier organizations providing services to rural areas.  Selest offers headend design services, implementation services and plant services such as node audits and noise mitigation.  Our engineers are experienced launching new services from Greenfield to customer deployment, including video delivery, DOCSIS 3.0, PacketCable, and FTTH technologies.  Selest offers advanced Project Management and field testing services, and we work directly with senior staff and your NOC to ensure successful migrations of new services and technologies.