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Member and Groups:

  • The Volpe Firm is a member of CableLabs DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) Initiative
  • The Volpe Firm is Contributing Engineer for CableLab's InGeNeOs(R) initiative
  • The Volpe Firm is a member of the SCTE Training Instructors and Content Developers
  • The Volpe Firm is a member of the SCTE Standards Committee
  • The Volpe Firm is an approved NCTC (National Cable TV Co-operative) vendor.  You can find us under Resources / Business Services tab.
    (The NCTC contacted three NCTC cable operator members as references and we were approved)

"The SCTE standards program provides an ANSI-accredited forum for the development of technical specifications supporting the cable telecommunications industry. The work program includes: data and telephony over cable; application platform development; digital video; emergency alert systems; network monitoring systems; cables, connectors and amplifiers; construction and maintenance practices; and Sustainability/energy efficiency." - http://www.scte.org