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DOCSIS Digital Library

DOCSIS Digital Document Library | Your source for critical DOCSIS documents, test and measurement technology notes, guides & specificaitons.

The DOCSIS Digital Document Library documents are standard reading for any broadband engineer / technician.  I have posted this documents in the document library as a quick reference.  They are freely available in other sources, but sometimes it is nice to have them all in one location:

DOCSIS 3.0 Based Specifications

DOCSIS 3.1 Based Specifications

Proactive Network Maintenance (See More at Nimble This)

  • PNM Best Practices: HFC Networks (DOCSIS 3.0) - As cable networks evolve, and many diverse services such as telephony, data, video, business and advanced services (e.g., tele-medicine, remote education, home monitoring) are carried over those networks, the demand for maintaining a high level of reliability for services increases. To achieve such high reliability, operators should fix problems before they have any impact on service.

ANSI/SCTE Specifications

  • ANSI/SCTE 07 2013 Digital Transmission Standard for Cable Television. -

    This standard describes the framing structure, channel coding, and channel modulation for a digital multi-service television distribution system that is specific to a cable channel. The system can be used transparently with the distribution from a satellite channel, as many cable systems are fed directly from satellite links. The specification covers both 64 and 256 QAM. Most features of both modulation schemes are the same. Where there are differences, the specific details for each modulation scheme is covered.

Application Documents

  • Agilent Spectrum Analysis Basics AN-150
    This app note from Agilent is a premier tutorial on spectrum analyzer basics, but does not stop there.  It goes into much of the mathematical details of how correction coefficients are calculated for digital signals.  This is a must read for anyone in broadband communications.
  • Spectrum Analyzer Measurements and Noise
    When using a spectrum analyzer to make measurements in any system, it is likely that one will attempt to measure signals which are very close to the noise floor.  Making these measurements close to the noise floor will cause errors.  This document explains why and how to correct for the errors.

DOCSIS Documents