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Brady Volpe, MSEE with Honors

Founder The Volpe Firm & Nimble This


Brady Volpe, President and Founder of The Volpe Firm, Inc. and NimbleThis, LLC, provides technology consulting services and products to cable and telecom operators & vendors World-Wide.  Mr. Volpe has over 25 years of broadband cable and telecommunications industry experience specializing in DOCSIS, PNM (Proactive Network Maintenance), RF, Video, IP Security, Capacity Planning, and troubleshooting.

Prior to the Volpe Firm, Mr. Volpe was R&D Director for JDSU/Viavi, a leading provider of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industry, were he was responsible for the development of communications test and measurement equipment & applications across 20 worldwide design centers. Mr. Volpe was also the VP of Engineering & Technology at Sunrise Telecom where under his leadership the company brought five new platform products to market.  Previously, Mr. Volpe worked with Filtronic Sigtek, Inc. as Director Technical Marketing & Sales, where he developed and drove the industry debut of a DOCSIS protocol analyzer. The first portable DOCSIS analyzer for the broadband industry capable of analyzing both the upstream and downstream DOCSIS signals.  Up to that time he was Director of Engineering State College, PA and Santa Clara, CA and Site Executive of Santa Clara, CA with C‐COR Incorporated (now Arris) where he led engineering and telecommunications equipment development for all of the company’s facilities.

A highly respected speaker and industry thought leader, Mr. Volpe is a frequent presenter at domestic and International industry trade shows, conferences and regional seminars.  He has published numerous articles in worldwide trade journals and authored several white papers on DOCSIS protocol and VoIP test and analysis.  Mr. Volpe lends his expertise to industry associations and protocol bodies and is often sought out as an authority on DOCSIS, PacketCable, and VoIP.  In addition, Mr. Volpe is a long time IEEE, SCTE and SCTE standards member. He holds patent number 7,885,195, “Test System With User Selectable Channel.”  His blog at volpefirm.com, is the industry’s most comprehensive DOCSIS tutorial and is used by a major MSO for training and educating their workforce.

Mr. Volpe earned his master’s degree in electrical engineering, graduating with Honors (4.0) from John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in 2004.  He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.   Throughout his studies, Mr. Volpe focused on advanced telecommunications.


Publications, Public Speaking and Podcasts

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  • Brady is a member of the SCTE Training Instructors and Content Developers
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