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Virtual CCAP – Technology Recap RPHY, FDX, IPTV and NDF/NDR

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Virtual CCAP

Technology recap RPHY, FDX, Virtual CCAP, IPTV, NDF/NDR and more

Episode 29 “Technology recap RPHY, FDX, Virtual CCAP, IPTV, NDF/NDR and more" ANGACOM 2017 was very exciting this year with a lot of exciting products and interesting ideas.

Remote-PHY, FDX technologies where featured as was a virtual CCAP solution.  IPTV was also heavily featured, a new German company debuted it's 10G Ethernet overlay network and an interesting NDF/NDR solution was also displayed.  Brady will discuss all the technologies seen and this will build up to feature podcasts where we plan on hosting the brains behind the designs of some of these products. As always we are cable geeks and wear that badge proudly.  The event features John Downey, CMTS Technical Leader at Cisco; and Brady Volpe, founder of Volpe Firm and Nimble This.

In The News:

So the focus of our show today is - Cool tech and exciting happenings at ANGACOM 2017.  There were a lot of great technologies and I met some new and very interesting people at ANGACOM this year and plan on asking them to further discuss the technology they are involved with.  Also - we have no business agreement with any of these companies.  We just liked what they showed us.  I cannot speak for if any of it functions as described but I welcome the chance to test it if you send it to me.

Product Reviews:

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