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Cable App for iPad and Android – Cable-Tec EXPO 2013 – Fresh Tech

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Cable App for iPad and Android

SCTE Cable-Tec EXPO 2013

At this years SCTE EXPO I again walked the show floor looking for innovative and cool technology that equipment vendors were showing.  This years Expo had some great new products, one I'll be highlighting in this article, which is a cable app for iPad and Android devices by 4Cable.tv.  Now to be totally honest I actually never made it to all the booths.  I ran out of time!  Which is a good and a bad thing.  SCTE EXPO FloorIt means there was lot's to look at but I didn't get to look at everything on the floor.  So my apologies to anyone who I might have missed.  If you feel you have a great product and I missed it, send me an email with your product and we can go from there.

So there were a lot of great products.  PNM, new CMTS's, nodes, new test equipment etc.  Comcast was Demonstrating it's PNM solution Scout Flux - not for sale but an amazing piece of technology as was Armstrong's PNM Solution in the CableLab's booth.  Tom Williams of CableLabs was also demonstrating an amazing non-linear distortion concept which will allow cable operators to measure 2nd and 3rd order intermodulation distortions in an all-digital plant - this is some really cool, cutting edge technology you have to see to believe.  Both Comcast and Armstrong have some great talent working on PNM full time.  PNM is by far one of the most exciting products in the cable industry today and I will be doing another write up on this for the Fresh Tech Series.  SCTE EXPO 2013 show floorIn addition, Cisco was demonstrating it's new CMTS and Node as was Harmonic.  JDSU, Rohde and Schwarz and VeEx also had some new and exciting products I will be writing about.  I have a few honorable mentions as well and will be getting to them in subsequently.

One of my show picks is a cool and free cable app for iPad and Android devices from 4CableTV.  I chose to write about this cable app first since it's free and you should be able to get it in about a week from the Android store and Apple Store depending on your device.  Currently their website is not updated so no links or product release date included on the cable app for iPad and Android devices.  Even with the draw back of the product not yet being available it will be free once released and it is really powerful.  How awesome is that?!  So what they showed me on the show floor was a great app that will do all the cable calculations for you.  Need to know cable loss of PIII cable at 862 MHz - let the app do it for you!  Need to do some  quick distortion calculations based on the amps in your cascade - let the app do it for you!  This app rocks.  The industry has needed it for a long time and I am really thankful that the 4CableTV guys have taken the initiative to pull it together for us.  So hats off to these guys.  Take a look below for a sample of whats to come.

Setup for 4CableTV iPad android cable app

cable app for iPad and Android functions
cable app for iPad and Android network functions

Totally cool right?  I'm quite excited for the release of this cable app for iPad and Android devices so that I can get it installed on my device.

Be sure to keep checking the 4Cable.tv website for the latest news on their cable app release.  Also, if you have a business match support them for their work in furthering the cable industry.  We want to encourage companies in the industry to continue this type of work that helps all of us get our work done faster and more efficiently.

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