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DOCSIS 3.0 Upstream and Downstream Channel Bonding Episode 4

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DOCSIS 3.0 Upstream and Downstream Bonding have many Advantages

Episode 4 Hosted by Brady Volpe of the Volpe Firm with guest John Downey of Cisco.  DOCSIS 3.0 Upstream and Downstream Bonding have many Advantages.  For example:

DOCSIS Upstream and Downstream Pro's and Con's:

  • DOCSIS Cable Modem service flows
  • Partial service
  • DOCSIS Downstream resilience
  • Why Downstream goes bad -  ingress, headend issues, household issues, off air ingress
  • More frequencies / spectrum means more space for issues
  • How Cable Modems chooses it's primary channel
  • T3 timeouts
  • Pre-equalization benefits
  • Diplex filter uses
  • Dynamic Range issues
  • Station Maintenance / Modulation profiles
  • DOCSIS Upstream bonding
  • More channels for load balancing of DOCSIS 1.x and DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modems provides more aggregate speed to share
  • More channels for DOCSIS 3.0 bonding for better “peak” speed and bigger “pipe” has better oversubscription calculations
  • More channels gives a layer of redundancy/availability
  • Downstream bonded modems still only use 1 Downstream as a primary and of that primary Downstream goes down or lower MER, the modem will reset
  • Upstream bonded Cable Modems are different in that they use all US channels for station maintenance and in-a-way are all “primary”

When everything is operating properly, we have great advantages for modem speed and operation at the expense of allocating more spectrum for more DOCSIS channels.  When things are not going well, we may not be aware or we may not have the expertise to troubleshoot the situation or even remedy the issues properly.

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