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Tech Review | DEVISER S7000 TV Analyzer

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Deviser's S7000 TV Analyzer - Many features, small package!

This year at ANGA Cable show I came across a new product by DEVISER called the S7000 TV Analyzer (DEVISER OEM's their spectrum analyzer to a US based test equipment manufacturer so they have been in the business for a while and they know what they are doing).  The S7000 supports measuring ITU J.83 Annex A/B/C/D standard signals and provides Power level, MER, BER, and constellation measurements in a small package.  Also, there is an EVS tool for measuring interference under the QAM channels.  What really caught my eye was support for IPTV measurements!  Really cool on my geek scale.

Deviser EVS Tool for QAM & Ingress Under QAM Measurements

Deviser EVS Tool for QAM & Ingress Under QAM Measurements

Two gentleman gave me a demonstration of the S7000.  On the MPEG side, it provides TR101 290 3 level monitoring and lists PSI/SI and program PID of transport streams.  The S7000 also lists the details of all programs running in a TV network or a transponder. The transport stream (TS) can be pulled directly from the RF modulated signal (i.e. coax cable)  or TS-ASI input. It has an 8GB hard disk to save TS files and can replay and analyze TS files post capture.

Deviser MPEG TS Analysis

Deviser MPEG TS Analysis

The IPTV measurements where not ready for prime time according to folks in the booth, however all of the hooks were on display in the meter.  This was the feature on the meter that really had me excited, but I am a skeptic about vapor-ware. So I will be waiting to see the next demo of the product - hopefully at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo - where IPTV will be fully functioning.  An analyzer that does full RF analysis, MPEG analysis and IPTV analysis would be a power play from my perspective, so I will be keeping my eye on this product as it matures.

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