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Virtual CCAP in the “hic et nunc”

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Virtual CCAP

Virtual CCAP in the "hic et nunc" No that isn't Klingon

Happy Friday Everyone.  Today is September 29 and this is episode 31 of Get Your Tech On, our show on All Things DOCSIS with a focus on Virtual CCAP today.  I'm Brady Volpe, Founder of The Volpe Firm and Nimble This.   With us is, John Downey, the flavor of cable.   John is also CMTS Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, welcome John.   Special guest Asaf Matatyaou, Vice President, Solutions and Product Management, Cable Edge Business at Harmonic.  Who is an extreme runner and has been known to personally hand deliver equipment this way to customers.

Today’s episode will cover the topic of Virtual CCAP.  Both CISCO and Harmonic have solutions on this topic.  However, both companies seem to have chosen different cars to get to the same place.  With that said today we want to explore and discuss the benefits to cable operators with going to Virtual CCAP.

We also cover several topics that are currently in the news for broadband.  So take a listen to what the group has to say.  At the end of the podcast the following question is answered.  "I recently took my DOCSIS 3.1 cert through SCTE, I have been posting info in a channel I created on yammer for our company Cox Communications. One poster asked why OFDM reads 4-8db gains than SC-QAM. I am just a field tech, but have taken a huge interest in knowing more ins and outs of D3.1. Is Brady or anyone with VF able to give me a more definitive answer on the gains through ofdm? " - Stuart

For our many podcast listeners - and I know that is a majority of you - sometimes we display a lot of cool visuals on our show - so you may want to consider reviewing today’s show on our website at volpefirm.com or on our youtube channel.  Today's show was more of a discussion so listening is just fine too.  If you would like to read more on the topic Brady also authored a paper recently which you can read here.

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Mia Colabrese has over 20 years of Cable TV Broadband experience. Focused in telecommunications product development and marketing. She is a graduate from Penn State University.


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