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What about IP Video IPTV and DOCSIS?

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What about IP Video IPTV and DOCSIS?

Happy Friday Everyone.  Today is November 10th and this is episode 33 of Get Your Tech On, our show on All Things DOCSIS, today our topic is What about IP Video IPTV and DOCSIS?"  Join the conversation about how this technology is used in cable plants and the fact that IP video delivery has its own set of peculiarities and characteristics, which cable will need to address comprehensively as it puts more of its high value content over the DOCSIS interface..  I'm Brady Volpe, Founder of The Volpe Firm and Nimble This a “rhabdomancer Cassandra” in cable.   With us is, John Downey, “the man with all the muscles and the crystal ball gazer in cable”.   John is also CMTS Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, welcome John.   Special Guest Huw Price-Stephens of Mariner xVu, Director of Strategic Product Management who is Welshman … And he brings your equipment to your door with a song and a dance on his way back from the pub.  With some rugby in between. Huw has a long history in telecommunications starting back in the mid 1990’s.

In the News

In North America we always talk about Squirrels chewing coax cable, mainline taps, even fiber optic cable. Squirrels are cute, but they can be a real pain in tush.

A recent article from down under shows another interesting animal, this time with wings, causing similar issues. According to ComputerWeekly.com, a group of vicious cockatoos with no known motive are eating coax cable - it's true.  According to Gisela Kaplan, a professor in animal behaviour is stumped. “It would have to be an acquired taste, because it’s not their usual style,”. Acquired Taste? I just love the taste of copper and dielectric in the morning!


According to Mashable, By the end of 2017, more than 22 million viewers age 18 and older are expected to have ditched their traditional cable bundles to date, according to eMarketer. That would be a 33% increase from the 2016 figure.  EMarketer had previously expected 15 million cord-cutters by year’s end.

The number of pay-TV viewers 55 and older will continue to rise over the next four years, while for every other age pay-TV will decline.

Into the topic of IP Video IPTV:

  • Teleco's have already gone thru the IP Video IPTV challenge 15 to 20 years ago
  • IP Operation issues
  • IP delivery
  • Demand, pressure, content strains
  • DOCSIS 3.1
  • Service over IP
  • TV Everywhere
  • Benefits of good operational tooling
  • Layers in Network
  • Peak Load

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Seeing the writing on this wall, several TV programmers have launched or are prepping IP-based streaming services. This leads us into IP video…something that Hew has a little bit of background with. There are some new challenges with IP TV and I think this is a very timely topic to cover…

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Mia Colabrese has over 20 years of Cable TV Broadband experience. Focused in telecommunications product development and marketing. She is a graduate from Penn State University.


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