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Future Field Operations Technologies Cable

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Future Field Operations Technologies Cable

Future Field Operations Technologies Cable

What’s Coming in Field and Operations Technology with Comcast and Cisco

Episode 26 of our show on All Things DOCSIS.  Hosted by Brady Volpe, Founder of The Volpe Firm and Nimble This.  Today we have a fantastic episode for you on Future Field Operations Technologies but first let me introduce our panelists for todays show: With us we have the John Downey, CMTS Technical Leader at Cisco Systems.  Larry Wolcott, Comcast Fellow in Operations Technology.  Finally, a man who needs little introduction, the esteemed Ron Hranac, Technical Leader at Cisco Systems.  Future Field Operations Technologies Cable

So the focus of our show today is What’s Coming in Field and Operations Technology - how proactive network maintenance and DOCSIS 3.1 is impacting the way we work.  With that being said, Ron since you are on so many working groups at both CableLabs and the SCTE, as well as deeply involved in the industry can I get ask you to give your initial perspective of how you see DOCSIS 3.1 impacting field and operations today?

Further discussion on What’s Coming in Field and Operations Technology

Topics of discussion in no particular order - it's an open table discussion:

  • Evolution of PNM - It's way more than just pre-eq
    • Using FBC on upstream and downstream
    • Auto impairment detection (i.e. SID)
    • Machine learning and cool things like Noise Patrol
    • Overcoming the diplexer in the modem
  • Evolution of Test Meter -
    • D3.1 Meters
    • Cable modems as meters
    • CMS-02 / ESAMs
    • Battery powered modems as meters
  • Home certification using the cable modem and PNM server
  • DOCSIS 3.1 migration using FBC
  • DOCSIS 3.1 new capabilities
    • RxMER and FBC already supported
    • Roadmap for new tech in D3.1
    • How we see D3.1 impacting the work force
    • Successes (and challenges) with D3.1

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