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Update: bradyvolpe.com is now The Volpe Firm blog

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bradyvolpe.com is now The Volpe Firm blog

If you did not catch the post on bradyvolpe.com you have now been automatically redirected to the new site on The Volpe Firm blog.  As part of my company managing one big site is a lot easier than managing two separate sites.  For you as the reader there is also an upside; you'll still get the same great content and the ability to write more posts.  We have a greatly enhanced theme for the site and some improved navigation.  Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

For some house keeping, you'll want to start following us on volpefirm social media if you were following us on bradyvolpe social media. You can click on the list of social media feeds below or on the bottom of each page to get a quick start. I will stop posting updates on the old Twitter, Facebook and other feeds.

Thanks for following the blog, your input on and off the blog over the years, and the friendships many of us have developed through the blog. I plan on keeping it going for years to come and migrate with the technology.

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Mr. Volpe has over 25 years of communications industry experience. He is focused on the cable and telecom industry with deep technical and business skills. Mr. Volpe is currently the president and chief technologist of the Volpe Firm and holds an MSEE with honors.

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